Advice on drawing up your company’s Equality Plan

Due to the current measures aimed at guaranteeing effective equality between women and men in the workplace, it is necessary to implement the Equality Plan for companies with more than 50 employees (according to Royal Decree-Law 6/2019 of 1 March). This plan consists of an ordered set of measures, which aims to achieve equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and to eliminate discrimination based on sex.

The date from which companies must comply with this obligation depends on the size of the workforce:

Companies with more than 150 employees: 7 March 2020.
Companies with more than 100 employees: 7 March 2021
Companies with more than 50 employees: 7 March 201022
Implementation of the plan

These measures are adopted in two phases. In the first phase, a diagnosis of the situation is carried out, consisting of the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to ascertain the degree of integration of equality in the following areas:

Selection and recruitment process.
Professional classification.
Professional promotion
Working conditions, including wage audit between women and men.
Co-responsible exercise of personal, family and working life rights.
Under-representation of women
Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.

In the second phase, the conclusions drawn from this diagnosis are analysed and the Equality Plan is designed and implemented, which must be negotiated with the Legal Representation of Workers (RLT).

Objectives of the Equality Plan

The purpose of this set of rules is to purify any possible circumstances of discrimination that may have been detected, paying special attention to issues relating to the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex. This is because the Royal Decree from which this plan originates imposes the obligation to ensure working conditions that prevent sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex. Likewise, it implies the obligation to draw up specific procedures for their prevention and to provide a channel for complaints or claims that victims of such harassment may lodge.

Remuneration register and audit

In addition to drawing up the Equality Plan, companies are obliged to carry out a pay register and a pay audit, with the aim of guaranteeing effective equality of pay between women and men.

The pay register must contain the average values of salaries, salary supplements, non-wage payments and a comparison of salaries by category, group and job position according to the working day or hour worked, all differentiated by gender. In addition, it will have to specify the mean and median of what is actually received by gender, according to professional level.

The audit involves the elaboration, by the company, of the valuation of the jobs that comprise them. This assessment shall be made according to the tasks performed, responsibility or training required for each post.


Failure to comply with the measures entails a sanction classified as a very serious offence within the labour legislation and is accompanied by financial fines that can range from 6,251 euros to 187,515 euros.

How can we help you?

We support and advise you, together with our partner Talention, in the following aspects:

Design and implementation of the plan.
Training: Members of the Equality Committee, as well as the entire staff.
Elaboration of the protocols

If you are interested in having us draw up the Equality Plan for your company, please contact us at

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